clamp bunk - 1,6 m² KS

The 1.6 KS is also ideally suited for 10 to 14 tons of return trains.

KS stands for completely locking, this design guarantees the driver the best view of the rear of the vehicle and free space for crane work. The compact four-point bearing ensures a very low body height. This, in conjunction with the KS design, also promotes a clear view.

Due to its low dead weight of only 940 kg, the 1.6 offers advantages in terms of floor loading. Due to the low weight, you can make ideal use of your payload.

Please note that the hydraulic cable tensioner is available as an equipment from KS.


The 1,6 m² KS in everyday work

technical description

basic size loading area 1,6 m²
max. loading area 3,6 m²
min. loading area 0,15 m²
tilting angle +- 22°
weight (basic version) 940 kg



trunk carrier at the clamping arms 300225
slewing brake 410426
special paint finish (different colour) 403783
hydraulic control unit 401509
electrical control unit 402692
cable tension 300595